Finance Attitude - 6 Guaranteed Safe Investments to Make
Investors’ first step before making any investment is to evaluate their risk tolerance. Risk-averse investors select low-risk investment options. With low risk investments options, the investor is less likely to lose their principal amount and can earn a return on their investments.
Finance Attitude - 5 Golden Tips on How to Get the Lowest Mortgage Rates
Buying a house requires a huge amount of cash. The cheapest decent house is estimated to cost around $250,000- $300,000. Majority of people who don’t have such cash readily available have a chance to borrow as a mortgage. There are many factors to consider before closing a mortgage deal. One prime determining factor is the mortgage rate. The mortgage rate determines your monthly repayments and the loan repayment period. The higher the rate, the bigger the amount of cash you repay monthly and the longer the loan life or period and vice versa. It is therefore imperative to seek the lowest mortgage rate in the market. It may also require working on a number of areas on your part to ensure that the lender will be willing to cut the deal with you at a certain rate.  
Finance Attitude - 5 Critical Financial Planning Tips for Single Parents
/Lydia Wanjiru/ -- Raising children is one of the hardest jobs in the world. This is even more challenging when you are a single parent. You may be single due to death or divorce of a spouse or any other reason. It takes a lot of time and effort to achieve financial freedom in life. There is no doubt that it is more daunting when you don’t have a spouse.  
Finance Attitude - 10 Legit Passive Income Ideas
10 Legit Passive Income Ideas
Passive income ideas are ways that help you generate income without your having to do any work or doing very little if there is any. It’s derived from rental property or other enterprises in which a person is not actively involved. It is revenue that you keep getting for work that you did once or something that you purchased. There are numerous opportunities to make residual income. Here are 10 passive income ideas that you can try: 1.    Bond, Stocks and Real Estate Investments Investments are a good source of passive income. Unless the bond issuer defaults, a bond guarantees the investor steady regular income. You can receive scheduled regular income payments as agreed on the schedule until the bond matures whereupon you get back your initial investment. The major downside of bonds is that they are highly affected by the volatility of the interest rates and when interests are low, the investor earnings are also low. Stocks earn passive income called dividend. Not all stocks give investors dividend payments and so it is prudent to do research and find out the stocks that pay dividends. It may not be as guaranteed as bond payments but it’s worth trying. Real estate’s are the best forms of acquiring passive income. When you become a landlord, you are guaranteed regular payments in form of rent payments from your tenants. Purchasing or building a house can be quite expensive and so you can opt to invest in the crowdfunded real estate. You can invest in Real estate investment trust funds (REITs) which are more affordable. 2.    Peer-to-Peer Lending This is another way to make passive income. It involves lending other people money and particularly those who don’t qualify for the traditional financing. You can invest in a company like the lending club and start earning passive income. 3.    Open a High-Yield qccount You can make low-risk returns by opening a high-yield savings account with an online bank that guarantees you higher interest on your savings than the traditional and most local banks. These accounts are more secure as they are FDIC insured. 4.    Get Out of Debt You can save a lot of money by getting out of debt as soon as possible. You will save the money that could have gone to creditors in terms of interest payments each month. 5.    Rent Out Your House If you have an extra room that you rarely use, you can rent it out to someone looking for a short-term rental on a platform like Airbnb. While this only gets you earnings once in a while, it can bring you amazing returns when you get a client. 6.    Affiliate Marketing Affiliate marketing is a great way to make extra income.  Create a blog or a niche website or if you have an existing one, you can use it to promote your link. It helps you earn commissions at no extra cost to you when people purchase the product or service. 7.    Write an eBook Writing a book may be tedious but once the work is complete, selling it can be a great way to produce some decent residual income.  You can use a site like Amazon to promote and sell your book. 8.    Create an Online Course If you have a deep knowledge about a certain subject, you can create an online course and share it with people who are interested in the subject. You can also help answer questions and give opinions in survey sites and earn from it. 9.    Create a YouTube Channel If you have a talent in something, like for example you can sing, create poems, act, do a stand-up comedy, say a spoken word or any other form of creativity, you can create a you-tube channel and earn from pop-up ads. 10.    Creating an App With the latest technology, a lot of things are made easier by the use of an app. Developing an app can be a way to generate passive income when people download it and update it. You can also earn from pop-up ads. Bottom Line There are dozens of passive income ideas out there that you can invest in. I hope this article has given you some valuable insights on some of the passive income ideas that you can try.
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