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Finance Attitude - Pay off debt or save for retirement? Here's what you can do
Are you not sure whether or not pay off debt or save for retirement? The answer is simple. Both saving for retirement and paying off debts are important. Actually, there is no right or one choice that you can make. You will have to manage both the tasks at the same time as there is more than one approach to your personal finance management. If you are able to save money, you may easily be able to get out of debt. So, both actions are related. To secure retirement, you should also save money. However, you should prioritize the debt payoff goal to avoid losing money on debts. Because, when you have multiple higher interest rate debts and, you are only making the minimum monthly payments, you are actually losing money on the interest.  
Finance Attitude - 11 Types of REITs You Can Invest in
Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) are companies that have assets invested in real estate’s properties or rather shareholders' pool money to purchase income-producing real estates.  
Finance Attitude - 10 Legit Passive Income Ideas
Passive income ideas are ways that help you generate income without your having to do any work or doing very little if there is any. It’s derived from rental property or other enterprises in which a person is not actively involved. It is revenue that you keep getting for work that you did once or something that you purchased. There are numerous opportunities to make residual income.  
Finance Attitude - 6 Guaranteed Safe Investments to Make
Investors’ first step before making any investment is to evaluate their risk tolerance. Risk-averse investors select low-risk investment options. With low risk investments options, the investor is less likely to lose their principal amount and can earn a return on their investments.