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Finance Attitude - 5 Golden Tips on How to Get the Lowest Mortgage Rates
Buying a house requires a huge amount of cash. The cheapest decent house is estimated to cost around $250,000- $300,000. Majority of people who don’t have such cash readily available have a chance to borrow as a mortgage. There are many factors to consider before closing a mortgage deal. One prime determining factor is the mortgage rate. The mortgage rate determines your monthly repayments and the loan repayment period. The higher the rate, the bigger the amount of cash you repay monthly and the longer the loan life or period and vice versa. It is therefore imperative to seek the lowest mortgage rate in the market. It may also require working on a number of areas on your part to ensure that the lender will be willing to cut the deal with you at a certain rate.  
Finance Attitude - 5 Critical Financial Planning Tips for Single Parents
/Lydia Wanjiru/ -- Raising children is one of the hardest jobs in the world. This is even more challenging when you are a single parent. You may be single due to death or divorce of a spouse or any other reason. It takes a lot of time and effort to achieve financial freedom in life. There is no doubt that it is more daunting when you don’t have a spouse.  
4 Ways to Get Out of Debt Through Debt Consolidation
/Lydia Wanjiru/ - Debt consolidation is one of the options to consider to get rid of your debts. Debt consolidation involves taking out a lower monthly interest loan to pay off your existing debts. It is used to basically combine all your debts into one single loan that you can repay monthly usually at a lower interest rate than your current average. A new debt consolidation loan can be used to repay off your unsecured debts.  
Finance Attitude - 6 Common Retirement Options and How They Differ
The retirement planning process is a process that takes a lot of time and efforts and you should start planning for it as early possible. The retirement plans you make at a younger age can help you to achieve your retirement goals and help you maintain the lifestyle you wish to have in your later years. You can accumulate a variety of retirement plans as you advance in your career. There are a variety of plans that can help you to save for the retirement.