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Finance Attitude - 4 Common Mistakes When Trying to Get Out of Debt  - Part 1
/Kysha Wheeler/ -- Debt has become a household word for many of us. None of us planned to be in debt, but here we are trying to claw our way out. Many of us have been working at clearing our debt for years but just can’t seem to get it right. The truth is, often times our endeavours may be doing more harm than good. This two part series will highlight 4 things we often do to sabotage our own endeavours to get out of debt.  
Finance Attitude | How debt can affect your retirement
/Lydia Wanjiru/ -- Are you financially prepared for your retirement? Making the right financial decisions now is the first step to a financially secure future.  A good investment plan requires having good financial habits like saving and paying off your debts on time. Debt can have a huge impact on your senior years if left unsettled when you are still working. Debt may be necessary and can sort you out at some point in life. While it may be necessary to take out a loan like a student loan to finance your further studies, a loan to finance your home or your vehicle, credit cards among others, it is also important to make sure that you pay it off before you retire. Avoid procrastination and try as much as possible to settle your dues before you retire. If you are still in debt when you retire, it can ruin and derail your plans for retirement.
Finance Attitude | Personal Finance Basics – An Emergency Fund
/Kysha Wheeler/ -- The word emergency implies an unexpected event. While it is impossible to predict the unexpected, it certainly is possible and practical to plan for these events. That is why an emergency savings fund is recommended as a need and not an option by financial experts. Do not make the mistake of assuming that your credit card can suffice for all emergencies. Just remember that you will be required to pay off that card sooner or later and end up in an even worse financial position. The easiest way to get out of debt is to find a way to avoid debt in the first place and that is exactly why an emergency fund is non-negotiable.
Finance Attitude - 7 Key Factors To Consider Before Refinancing Your Mortgage
/Lydia Wanjiru/ -- Is mortgage refinancing for you? Well, if you are thinking of refinancing your mortgage, this is the time to act as the mortgage rates remain historically low.