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Finance Attitude - 6 Common Retirement Options and How They Differ
/Lydia Wanjiru/ -- The retirement planning process is a process that takes a lot of time and efforts and you should start planning for it as early possible. The retirement plans you make at a younger age can help you to achieve your retirement goals and help you maintain the lifestyle you wish to have in your later years. You can accumulate a variety of retirement plans as you advance in your career. There are a variety of plans that can help you to save for the retirement.  
Finance Attitude - Family Budgeting with the Prudent Life – Budgeting Success
/Kysha Wheeler/ -- Saving money has never been easy. If it was, I am certain than the national debt would be much lower than what it is today. Creating a budget is also a lot easier than actually sticking to it. Try as we might, we just cannot seem to achieve the goals we pencilled out at the beginning of the month. This may be because we simply lack the discipline to limit our spending to the essentials that we outlined on our budget. I have however found that if you set a practical budget that actually suits your family’s needs, you are far more likely to make some financial progress.
Finance Attitude - Family Budgeting with the Prudent Life – Couponing!
/Kysha Wheeler/ -- Earning more money might seem like the solution to all of your family's financial problems, but I am afraid that I must disappoint you with the truth. Earning more money will only prove advantageous if you learn the keys to keeping your expenses to a minimum. Being foolish with a few hundred dollars is just as futile as being foolish with a couple million each year. The fact that you are reading this article is a sign that you have already tried a dozen different methods to save but are still not seeing the results you hoped to achieve by now. That means it is time to get creative with our efforts to preserve our meagre salaries and what better way to preserve our money than with coupons?!
Finance Attitude - 5 Tips to Avoid Filing for Bankruptcy
/Lydia Wanjiru/ -- People who are unable to meet their financial obligations can consider filing for personal bankruptcy. Consumers in most cases file for personal bankruptcy through either chapter 7 or 13 depending on their financial situation. Filing for bankruptcy is a legal process by the Federal court that helps you to eliminate your debts or to ask for a convenient debt settlement plan usually lasting for 5 years. Personal bankruptcy can reduce your credit score rating by 200-250 points. You also risk not getting a loan for 1-5 years after filing for bankruptcy. Personal bankruptcy report stays on your credit report for 7-10 years and this can make most lenders to shy away from giving you a loan. Filing for bankruptcy is thus not an easy way out and can have an adverse effect on your credit report and credit rating. Here are 5 tips on how you can avoid filing for bankruptcy.