Finance Attitude - 4 Common Types of Orders when Trading in Stocks

4 Common Types of Orders when Trading in Stocks

It is important for every stock investor to know the different types of orders in the stock market and when it is appropriate to apply them especially when you want to sell or buy stocks through a brokerage firm. Trade orders are instructions that are given to brokers to buy or sell a stock. All trades must have two orders which consist of an order to get into the trade or the buy order and an order to exit the trade or the sell order.  

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Finance Attitude - 8 Popular Types of ETF to Include in Your Portfolio

8 Popular Types of ETF to Include in Your Portfolio

An Investor should always seek for opportunities to increase their portfolio and capitalize on such opportunities. The need to hedge your investments against risks and other emerging issues is a valid reason to increase your portfolio exposure and to work on your investment strategies. Here is a list of the most popular types of ETFs to consider adding into your portfolio.  

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Finance Attitude - 8	Key Things to Look For in Dividend Stocks

8 Key Things to Look For in Dividend Stocks

A stock dividend is the dividend payout that is made to the investors in form of additional shares instead of cash payouts. Most dividend stocks yield a higher percentage of return on average compared to treasury bonds and conventional bank savings annually from their payouts. However, dividend stocks payouts can change significantly at an impulse and in turn, changes your value of investments. Therefore, if you desire to invest in dividend stocks, you need to be very selective.  

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Finance Attitude - 7 Common Features of Mutual Funds

7 Common Features of Mutual Funds

Mutual funds are basically managed portfolio of stocks and/or bonds. Mutual funds are investments that can meet every investor’s unique need. The U.S has ranked over 4500 mutual funds. in all categories. Mutual funds meet all types of investors preferences as they can match any time horizon from short, medium, long, they can also match different investors risk tolerance from low, medium, high and they can be both open or closed-ended irrespective of whether you are making a small or a huge investment. Investors can invest in mutual funds to create wealth, to beat inflation and to save tax.  

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Finance Attitude - 4 Main Steps in Options Trading

4 Main Steps in Options Trading

/Lydia Wanjiru/ -- Stock Option is a very complex derivative instrument that requires one to make very complex decisions in order to make a trade that is profitable. Exercising stock options depends on the movement of the prices and it is not mandatory for you to exercise it. You can choose to trade either a put or a call option which means that you will exercise your obligation to buy or to sell an asset at an agreed price or before a particular date respectively. There are numerous ways to trade options which include: hedging, arbitrage, and directional speculation.  

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Finance Attitude - The A-B-Cs of Investing in the Stock Market

The A-B-Cs of Investing in the Stock Market

/Kysha Wheeler/ -- Investing your hard-earned money is risky business. You can lose it all in just a matter of seconds if you are not careful. Many often wonder why stocks are still viewed as such a lucrative investment option if you stand to lose so much. But these individuals are ignoring the fact that the possibility also exists that they could earn far more than they have invested as well. While it impossible for me to guarantee you returns on any stock, there are a number of best practice guidelines that could help you invest wisely and make a profit.

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Finance Attitude - 5 Key Variables to Consider Before Selecting the Stocks to Buy

5 Key Variables to Consider Before Selecting the Stocks to Buy

/Lydia Wanjiru/ -- How do you identify the best and the most suitable stocks to buy? Majority of investors buy stocks based on a few things that they can understand such as the price of the stock. A group of other investors tend to invest based on a given emotional attachment to the company like them or their close relative is a client or an employee of that company. However, there are more variables that you should take into account before committing your money in a particular stock.  

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5 Ways to Invest in Stocks with Little Money

5 Ways to Invest in Stocks with Little Money

/Lydia Wanjiru/ -- Stock investments are a lucrative opportunity that anyone can venture into even with little money. Investors looking for cheap stocks to buy today can consider buying these 5 stocks: 1.    Buy a mutual fund A mutual fund is an investment platform that is funded by the shareholders that trades in diversified holdings usually run by an asset management company. A mutual fund pools money from various investors to purchase securities such as stocks, bonds and more. Shares of a mutual fund are bought and sold by a fund family like the Fidelity, Vanguard or Charles Schwab. Buy a mutual fund with the lowest possible fees.  

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Finance Attitude - 10 Common Types of Mutual Funds

10 Common Types of Mutual Funds

/Lydia Wanjiru/ -- A mutual fund pools money from a variety of investors to create a portfolio of stocks, bonds, real estate, money market instruments or other securities. Some mutual funds concentrate on a single asset class such as stocks or bonds while others invest in a variety. Mutual funds are bought directly from the fund companies such as Vanguard, T. Rowe Price or Fidelity and more, unlike stock market where shares can be bought from one investor to another. A professional manager for the fund invests the money in different types of assets including stocks, bonds, commodities and other assets. Investors earn from the mutual funds through dividends on stocks and interest on bonds. You can invest in mutual funds with as low as $100 but the majority of mutual funds require a minimum initial investment of between $500 to $3000 and the institutional class funds and hedge funds require at least $1million or more. Mutual funds trade once per day, unlike ETFs.

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Finance Attitude - 3 Ways Stock Investors Make Money

3 Ways Stock Investors Make Money

/Lydia Wanjiru/ -- One sure way to build wealth is through stock investments. A stock is a share or a portion of a corporation’s ownership. Choosing the right stocks to invest in is a key factor to ensure that you get a solid return on your investments. Investing in shares requires a basic understanding of how stock investments work so that you can make an informed decision when you invest. You need to know how the stock investment will help you make money.

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