Finance Attitude - 5 Key Investing Stages To Help you Achieve Financial Freedom

5 Key Investing Stages To Help You Achieve Financial Freedom

Sept. 18, 2017 /Lydia Wanjiru/ -- If you want to succeed financially, you must invest. Plan your financial short-term and long-term goals and objectives. It is no brainer that every journey must have a destination. In your financial journey, you need to put into consideration a number of things to achieve your goals at the end of it. This guide will give you a number of steps to take to help you to achieve financial security.

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Finance Attitude  - Wealth Management: What All Investors Should Know About Investment Funds

Wealth Management: What All Investors Should Know About Investment Funds

Investment funds are one of the best-recommended options, while it approaches wealth management. They are widely available at a number of price points, making them ideal for investors while they are expert or novice in investment. Investors can choose to invest in funds, in the industries and products they are interested in. They also have the option of the funds that are timed according to their individual needs, especially if they are approaching retirement age.  

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Finance Attitude - Chart Patterns on Commodity Market

Chart Patterns - Commodity Market

The chart pattern is one of the most important parts of commodity trade market. The main thing of technical analysis is the price patterns repeat itself which means pattern and setup are repeated function in the commodity market. This pattern gives us important clue about the direction of price movement in any commodity chart. By recognizing the chart pattern we can predict how price will move in near future. There are many types of chart pattern in this market, we can implement those pattern in our chart to improve our trading style. Most of the chart patterns work smoothly in the commodity market. There is a high probability that chart pattern will follow the past movement. This is why chat patterns tools are so much profitable tools in the commodity market. Though they have the high probability to work out in the real market but sometimes those patterns do not work in the commodity market. That’s why you have to be more concern about the chart patterns. When you are using chart pattern analysis you need to be alert all the time.

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Finance Attitude  - Investments – the Key to Your Financial Independence

Investments – The Key To Your Financial Independence

July 4, 2017 /Kysha Wheeler/ -- Being a slave to debt or a lousy job is not exactly how we planned our adult lives. When we were kids we were all taught that working hard would pay off big time some day. Now, reality has sunk in and…. it sucks. Most jobs barely pay enough to cover the essentials and very few of us can afford to allow one pay check to meet the other. But all is not lost. With the very little we make, we can start earning real rewards if we master the fine art of making investments. Most millionaires will readily admit that investing wisely is the best option for individuals working to improve their finances.  

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Finance Attitude - The Trick To A Good Investment Of Your Money

The Trick To A Good Investment Of Your Money

If you are financially savvy, you know it is silly to leave the money quiet on an account in the bank or under the mattress. And that is why investing becomes necessary. How to do it right? Who would not want to have enough economic resources to give themselves all the tastes they have always wanted? This philosophy makes many people seek, throughout their lives, the possibility of obtaining more and more money; whether you are working hard, creating a business or investing money, being on this last option is one of the most efficient but also time-consuming ways to achieve the goal of being rich.

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Finance Attitude - 7 Things You Must Do To Invest Successfully

7 Things You Must Do To Invest Successfully

In a previous article, I spoke about "The Trick To A Good Investment Of Your Money". You should try not to do the typical mistakes but let's see these 7 practice you should not make any mistakes to follow to manage your investments properly.

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Finance Attitude - Invest In Stocks Or Index Funds

Where Is It Better To Invest Stocks Or Index Funds?

One of the questions from readers who come through financial articles is where to invest, whether a small saver should focus solely on the investment in index funds or it is also advisable to have a small portfolio of shares of individual companies that complement the principal.

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