Finance Attitude  - Wealth Management: What All Investors Should Know About Investment Funds
Investment funds are one of the best-recommended options, while it approaches wealth management. They are widely available at a number of price points, making them ideal for investors while they are expert or novice in investment. Investors can choose to invest in funds, in the industries and products they are interested in. They also have the option of the funds that are timed according to their individual needs, especially if they are approaching retirement age.  
Finance Attitude - Chart Patterns on Commodity Market
The chart pattern is one of the most important parts of commodity trade market. The main thing of technical analysis is the price patterns repeat itself which means pattern and setup are repeated function in the commodity market. This pattern gives us important clue about the direction of price movement in any commodity chart. By recognizing the chart pattern we can predict how price will move in near future. There are many types of chart pattern in this market, we can implement those pattern in our chart to improve our trading style. Most of the chart patterns work smoothly in the commodity market. There is a high probability that chart pattern will follow the past movement. This is why chat patterns tools are so much profitable tools in the commodity market. Though they have the high probability to work out in the real market but sometimes those patterns do not work in the commodity market. That’s why you have to be more concern about the chart patterns. When you are using chart pattern analysis you need to be alert all the time.
Finance Attitude  - Investments – the Key to Your Financial Independence
July 4, 2017 /Kysha Wheeler/ -- Being a slave to debt or a lousy job is not exactly how we planned our adult lives. When we were kids we were all taught that working hard would pay off big time some day. Now, reality has sunk in and…. it sucks. Most jobs barely pay enough to cover the essentials and very few of us can afford to allow one pay check to meet the other. But all is not lost. With the very little we make, we can start earning real rewards if we master the fine art of making investments. Most millionaires will readily admit that investing wisely is the best option for individuals working to improve their finances.  
Finance Attitude - 5 Key Investing Stages To Help you Achieve Financial Freedom
5 Key Investing Stages To Help You Achieve Financial Freedom
Sept. 18, 2017 /Lydia Wanjiru/ -- If you want to succeed financially, you must invest. Plan your financial short-term and long-term goals and objectives. It is no brainer that every journey must have a destination. In your financial journey, you need to put into consideration a number of things to achieve your goals at the end of it. This guide will give you a number of steps to take to help you to achieve financial security. 1.    Establish your financial position To invest requires you to save money. To decide how much and where to invest, you need to do the basic self-financial analysis. You need to answer a number of questions like: •    How much money do you have? •     What assets do you possess and how much are they bringing? •    How much money do you owe in terms of mortgages, personal loans, student loans, credit cards among others? It also involves doing future financial projections and deviations. For example, will the income remain steady, increase or decrease? Are there financial variations you are likely to encounter in the future? It also includes doing a past performance analysis in regards to money. Consider whether you are a thrift spender or a miser, check how you handle risk and emergency situations. This analysis is meant to help you establish what habits to keep and what to let go of. To succeed in savings and investments, you need sacrifice and discipline. 2.    Develop an investment plan There is an old adage that goes, “failure to plan is planning to fail”. Making a plan helps you to make SMART choices. You need to set clear goals and objectives and the timeline to achieve them. Investing SMART means being Specific on what you are aiming to achieve financially. Being able to ensure that the goals are Measurable and Achievable. Being Realistic and Relevant on your financial goals and also get Time-oriented goals. Develop a SWOT analysis. This involves analyzing your financial strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. When you put that into consideration, you are able to make sound financial decisions. 3.    Find a financial expert to guide you on the best investments for you A financial expert can help streamline your saving and investment choices. It is also imperative to seek the advice of a financial expert to help you make the right choices that most fit you, to know the right investments to make and to set realistic financial goals for yourself. 4.    Choose the best Investment After knowing what you want and where you want to go, it’s time to take the leap. This step involves diversifying and choosing your investment portfolio. It involves buying stocks, bonds, investing in real estate, starting an income generating activity among others. 5.    Review your savings and investments It is good to occasionally review the steps as it will help you know whether you are moving in the right direction or you have detoured. Do regular reviews of the performance of your different strategies and find out how they are performing. Savings and investment like any journey are bound to encounter potholes like inflation, price fluctuations, and volatility; but don’t lose focus of the ultimate goal. Get a financial advisor to explain to you the impact it may have on your investments and the right moves to make.

Finance Attitude - 6 Major Types of Stocks Diversification
/Lydia Wanjiru/ -- Diversification is a risk management strategy and a key parameter to consider before you invest in stocks. It is a technique that plays a major role in mitigating risks by allocating investments among various securities in industries, geographical regions and more. Diversification mitigates unsystematic risk events in a portfolio.  It is basically compared to “not putting all your eggs in one basket” and aims to maximize returns by investing in different stocks that would react differently to the same event. US stocks are exposed to market and economic forces in the U.S and they will react differently when exposed to the same events. To build a diversified portfolio, you need to know the various types of diversification available.  
Finance Attitude - 3 Mistakes to Avoid When You Invest in Stocks
Oct. 19, 2017 /Lydia Wanjiru/ -- Investing in stocks is one of the best ways to build and grow wealth. Although all investments carry some degree of risk, investing in stocks can result in great gains if done appropriately.
Finance Attitude - 5 simple steps on investing in stocks
Sept. 28, 2017 /Lydia Wanjiru/ -- According to a recent survey by, only 26% of Americans below 30 years are investing in stocks. Lack of financial knowledge was a topmost reason why most millennia’s are not investing in stocks besides lack of finances. Lack of information was another reason cutting across all age groups.  
Finance Attitude - 3 Ways Stock Investors Make Money
3 Ways Stock Investors Make Money
/Lydia Wanjiru/ -- One sure way to build wealth is through stock investments. A stock is a share or a portion of a corporation’s ownership. Choosing the right stocks to invest in is a key factor to ensure that you get a solid return on your investments. Investing in shares requires a basic understanding of how stock investments work so that you can make an informed decision when you invest. You need to know how the stock investment will help you make money. Here are 3 different ways you can benefit or make money from stock investments: 1.    Capital Gains One way to earn from stock investments is through capital gains. When you buy a stock, you ideally invest in the company’s businesses. When the company grows and makes profits from its business, its value and the share price increase. The share price can also rise or fall over time depending on the particular stock forces of supply and demand and due to other prevailing factors in the economy. You can buy shares when the price is low and hold to sell later when the price goes up. The difference between the stock face value, which is the price you had bought it for, and the current share price is your profit. 2.    Dividends A dividend is an optional payment that some companies pay to their stockholders as a way to attract and retain investors. It acts as a distribution of a portion or a percentage of the corporate earnings from their investments to their stockholders. The dividend payout is usually decided by the Board of directors and paid out depending on the particular class of the shareholders. It can be issued to the investors as cash, a share of stocks or property. In most cases, dividends are paid out by companies that are large and well established and have a stable source of income. Examples of such companies in America include Coca-Cola, McDonald's, Wal-Mart, Microsoft, among others. Dividends payment is constant and acts as a regular source of income for investors even in the event that the stock price decreases. 3.    Tax Benefit Another way to benefit from a stock investment is from the tax incentives. There are many tax breaks for investors that are offered by the US tax code. When you sell an asset that you own like your house, land, bonds, stocks, mutual funds units, debentures and more, the money you make is a capital gain. A long-term capital gain is subject to a federal tax which is a 15% tax rate for those in 25-35% tax brackets and 20% for those in the top tax bracket of 39.6%. Whereas the ordinary dividends are taxable as ordinary income, the qualified dividends such as those paid on corporate stocks earnings are subject to federal taxation of up to 20%, 15%or 0% depending on your tax bracket; which is lower than the tax on ordinary income. You can also benefit from rollover capital gains when you are an angel investor which you gain if you sell a small company stock to invest in yet another small business stock. The tax that is charged on your earnings from your stock investments can be reduced by investing through a retirement account. There are different retirement accounts that you can opt for to get the tax break. Your taxable income decrease when you invest through a retirement account. Investing in stocks has various downsides but it can be quite lucrative if you take calculated risks. Remember, the higher the risk the higher the returns and vice versa.
Finance Attitude  - Simple Gар Trаding Strategy fоr the Fоrеx Mаrkеt
Thе gарѕ thаt appear оn a сhаrt are рrеttу important. It iѕ a рriсе pattern whiсh саn оffеr information rеgаrding thе direction of thе price and thе strength of thе mаrkеt. On Fоrеx, bесаuѕе оf thе high liquidity, gарѕ аrе nоt thаt frеԛuеnt, but thеу dо арреаr еѕресiаllу after the wееkеndѕ.  
Finance Attitude  - Candlesticks In Day To Day Trading
Thе саndlеѕtiсk сhаrt iѕ one of thе mоѕt uѕеd charts in trаding nowadays. It is thought to have bееn dеvеlореd in thе 18th сеnturу bу a Jараnеѕе riсе trаdеr Munhiѕа Hоmmа. Hе diѕсоvеrеd thаt by drawing thе price movements as a “candlestick”, hе will hаvе mоrе information thаt can bе uѕеd in trаding. In timе аnаlуѕtѕ аnd statisticians hаvе diѕсоvеrеd раttеrnѕ which indicate with a сеrtаin рrоbаbilitу a соntinuаtiоn оr a reversal in thе рriсе action оf a сеrtаin instrument.
Finance Attitude  - How to trade the perfect trend line in the market
June 27, 2017 /Finance Attitude/ -- The number of Forex traders is increasing every single day due to its lucrative potential. Most of the trader’s jumps into the world of online Forex trading incur huge financial losses in the market. If you are trading the Forex market for more than one month then you should have heard the word “Trend”. There is a well-known proverb in the financial industry that the trend is your friend. So, if you truly want to make a profit in Forex trading then you must know how to trade the trend line in the market.
Finance Attitude - How Trade a Small Trading Account in the Forex Market
How Trade a Small Trading Account in the Forex Market
There are many traders in the forex world who often blames the forex market and their account deposit for their failure. But in reality, your trading account deposit or the forex market has nothing to do with you a failure. You are not making a profit in the forex market only because you are not maintaining a strict trading discipline in the forex market. In order to trade the market successfully, you need to have very precise knowledge of the forex market. In this article, we will discuss how we can trade small trading account and become profitable in the in the forex industry. Never think about your account deposit If you truly want to become a professional trader then you should never think about you trading balance. You should consider your potential loss or profit in the market in terms of percentage. Most of the professional trader who is trading the financial industry for over long period of time use the simple percentage math to execute their trade with proper risk management factors. Stop overtrading There are many rookie traders in the forex market who often thinks to make a huge amount money from their small trading account. But if you truly want to become a professional trader then you must know that forex, not a get rich quick scheme. So if you really want to make money with your small account then you should never over trade in the market. Rather if you are truly committed in forex trading like the professional trader then you will see that your small trading account will grow significantly big within a one year. Scale down your lot size Most of the novice trader in the forex industry fails to make money in online trading due to high lot size trading. But in order to trade a small trading account, you need to use small lot size for lowering down your risk in the market. For instance, those who balance less than $ 500 should be trading with 0.01 lot in the market. Don't trade the news News trading is very much popular in the forex industry. If you truly want to become a professional forex trader then you should never trade the news. Most of the rookie traders think to make a huge amount of money by trading the fundamental news releases in the market. But to honest news trading doesn’t work in the long run and you will never be a professional trader if you concentrate on news trading. Take high-quality trades in the market As a small account holder, you should always work with your trade entry. Make sure that you are executing your trade in the market with very précised stop loss and take profit level. Never execute your trade based on technical analysis only. Make sure that you are executing high-quality trades in the market on the basis of your technical and fundamental analysis.