Finance Attitude - 5 Ideal Reasons for Investing in Utility Stocks
Utility stocks are stocks of companies that deliver essential services such as water, gas, and electricity among others. Utility stock is an ideal conservative option for investors looking for steady higher dividends. You can invest in utility stocks companies through a brokerage firm by buying individual utility stocks, mutual funds that are specialized in the utilities sector or as ETFs that include the select sector SPDR-utilities.
Finance Attitude - 8 Best Stock Investment Apps for Beginners
Investing is a daunting task and sometimes could be confusing especially for a beginner. In the past, an investment process began by making a call to a brokerage firm to obtain an advisor who would advise the investor throughout the process. However, the technological advancement has made it easier for beginners who want to start trading. Now, they can just download an app on their PC or Smartphone and use it to trade securities. Different apps offer automation, low cost and high-security measures to make investing easy and exciting for all.  
Finance Attitude - 5 Key Benefits of a Robo-Adviser
Robo-adviser is an automated online wealth management service or a class of digital online financial institutions that offer financial advice or investment management tips online with minimal human intervention. The algorithms are executed by software to allocate, manage and optimize clients’ assets. Being online, however, does not make it less effective and ideal financial institution as it has almost all the aspects of the physical human involvement.
Finance Attitude - Top 5 Forex Risks Traders Should Consider Before they Invest
Top 5 Forex Risks Traders Should Consider Before they Invest
Forex exchange market is a global decentralized or over the counter market that facilitates the trading of currencies. Just like in a stock exchange, the traders’ goal is to make a profit by buying low and selling high. Forex markets are highly liquid assets due to the high trading volumes. Some of the most common forex exchange trades include spot transactions, currency swaps, and options, forwards, and foreign exchange swaps. Forex trades face plenty of risks that can result in substantial losses. Here are the top 5 forex risks that every trader should consider before they dive into forex trading: 1.    Leverage Risks In forex trading, traders require a small initial investment called a margin which is used as leverage in forex trading to gain access to substantial trades. Price volatility can result in margin calls where the investor is required to commit an additional margin. In highly volatile market conditions, aggressive use of leverage by traders can result in massive losses over initial investments made. 2.    Interest Rate Risks Interest rate affects countries exchange rates.  If a country’s interest rates rise, the currency strengthens. Investors flood the country as they invest in the country’s assets. In essence, a stronger currency means better returns. On the other hand, if a country interest rates fall, the currency weakens as investors begin to withdraw their investments. Interest rate changes can thus have a dramatic effect on forex prices. 3.    Transaction Risks The difference or gap between when a contract is initiated and when it settles poses a transaction risk which is an exchange rate risk. Forex trading usually takes 24 hours, and exchange rates can drastically change any time before a trade settle. Currencies also trade at different prices at different times during the trading process. The greater the gap, the higher the transaction risk. The exchange risk that traders face during the trading hours increase the transaction costs. 4.    Counterparty Risk The company that provides the asset to an investor in a financial transaction is called the counterparty. There is a risk of default from the dealer or broker in any particular transaction which refers to the counterparty risk. Spot and forward contracts on currencies do not get a guarantee by an exchange or a clearing house and thus pose a counterparty risk to an investor. The counterparty risk can occur in spot currency trading in the event the market maker end up insolvency. The counterparty can refuse or can be unable to oblige to contracts in highly volatile market conditions. 5.    Country Risk An investor must assess the structure and the stability of the issuing country before they invest in currencies. In a majority of developing countries, the exchange rates are pegged to a particular world leader currency such as the US dollar. Central Banks in those countries must sustain sufficient reserves to help maintain good exchange rates. A balance of payments deficit can lead to devaluation of the currency and result in a currency crisis. It can consequently have massive effects on forex prices and trading. Investors can also begin to withdraw their assets if they suspect the currency is likely to decrease in value. It results in further devaluing of the currency. Currency crisis aggravates liquidity and credit risks as the currency devalues the assets become illiquid. The Bottom Line An investor should consider the various risks and losses associated with foreign exchange trading before they invest. While forex assets have the highest trading volume, the risks can lead to massive losses.
TORONTO, April 16, 2021 /CNW/ - As previously announced on March 9, 2021, today NEI Investments confirms that the management and fixed administration fees for certain series of NEI International Equity RS Fund will be reduced according to the table below.
VANCOUVER, BC, April 16, 2021 /CNW/ - MAS Gold Corp. ("MAS Gold") (TSXV: MAS) is pleased to announce that it was universally successful in the binding arbitration with its former joint venture partner, Golden Band Resources Corp. ("GBN").  In his ruling, the arbitrator agreed with all evidence
TORONTO, April 16, 2021 /CNW/ - Bald Eagle Gold Corp. ("Bald Eagle" or the "Company") (TSXV: BIG) is pleased to announce that it has engaged Adelaide Capital Markets Inc. ("Adelaide") and Hybrid Financial Ltd. ("Hybrid"), to perform services for the Company, including investor relations activities
Canada and Ontario Provide Affordable Homes for Veterans in Ottawa
OTTAWA, ON, April 16, 2021 /CNW/ - Everyone deserves a safe and affordable place to call home. The COVID-19 crisis has made it clear that affordable housing is key to Canada and Ontario's recovery, as communities across the country and province are dealing with the devastating impacts of rising levels of homelessness and housing need. Today, the Honourable Mona Fortier, Minister of Middle Class Prosperity and Associate Minister of Finance, on behalf of the Honourable Ahmed Hussen, Minister of Families, Children and Social Development, and the Honourable Lisa MacLeod, Minister of Heritage, Sport, Tourism and Culture Industries, on behalf of the Honourable Steve Clark, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing, and His Worship, Jim Watson, Mayor of the City of Ottawa, announced $1.5 million to help create 40 homes for veterans who are experiencing or are at risk of experiencing homelessness in Ottawa. Veterans' House: The Andy Carswell Building, located at 745 Mikinak Road, is operated by the Multifaith Housing Initiative, an Ottawa-based non-profit charity that provides affordable housing. This project offers veterans access to supports to help address mental health and addictions issues. Veterans' House also includes an indoor gym, communal kitchen, barbecue facilities, and a dog park for service dogs. Residents began moving into Veterans' House this February. Funding for this project is being delivered through the Canada-Ontario Community Housing Initiative, which is a joint program by the federal and provincial governments. This builds on a previous $6.5 million investment by the Government of Canada for Veterans' House in 2019 through the National Housing Co-investment Fund, a key pillar of the federal government's National Housing Strategy. Quotes "Our Government is investing in affordable housing here in Ottawa and across Canada to help create jobs and improve the quality of life for those who need it most, including our veterans. With our partners in the province and the city, we are providing a helping hand for individuals and families in need, and in doing so, we are contributing to the economic and social well-being of those who have fought for and defended this country. This is the National Housing Strategy at work." – The Honourable Ahmed Hussen, Minister of Families, Children and Social Development and the Minister Responsible for the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) "Supporting those in dire housing need is how we build equitable prosperity for all Canadians. Multifaith Housing Initiative's Veterans' House is more than just a safe and affordable place to call home; it is also accessible with on-site supports, and will improve the quality of life for veterans in Ottawa –Vanier who have sacrificed so much for our country. This is what can be achieved when all levels of government work together." – The Honourable Mona Fortier, Minister of Middle Class Prosperity and Associate Minister of Finance and the Member of Parliament for Ottawa—Vanier "Everybody who's served Canada in uniform deserves a safe place to call home, and the National Housing Strategy is a big part of how we're going to make sure that becomes a reality. I know the great work that the folks at Veterans' House are doing, and I'm glad we're able to provide them with some additional funding to help them support our Veterans in Ottawa who need them." – The Honourable Lawrence MacAulay, Minister of Veterans Affairs and Associate Minister of National Defence "Our veterans, who stepped up to serve our country, deserve a place to call home. These heroes chose to serve our country, and now it's our turn to provide the support they deserve. We are proud to partner with all levels of government and the Multifaith Housing Initiative to make much-needed housing and supports available to Canada's military heroes." – The Honourable Steve Clark, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing "Veterans deserve our gratitude, and like all Ontarians, they deserve a place to call home. I'm proud that our $1.5 million joint investment has helped make this project a reality and improve the quality of life for veterans in Ottawa."  – The Honourable Lisa MacLeod, Minister of Heritage, Sport, Tourism and Culture Industries and the Member of Provincial Parliament for Nepean "The elimination of veteran homelessness is one of the targets of the City of Ottawa's 10-Year Housing and Homelessness Plan. Veterans' House is an important project, as it will provide units of permanent housing for veterans and will help improve the quality of life for its residents, as well as offer critical supports. My thanks to all partners working together to make Veterans' House a reality, and for taking action on veteran homelessness." – Mayor Jim Watson "Thank you to the Canada-Ontario Community Housing Initiative for this important contribution towards the construction of Veterans' House: the Andy Carswell Building. By providing safe housing and onsite mental health services, the Andy Carswell Building will give hope for a better future to 40 veterans who are living rough or who are at risk of becoming homeless. In a concrete way, it says we recognize and thank them for their service to Canada." – Suzanne Le, Executive Director, Multifaith Housing Initiative "The Royal Canadian Legion, Ontario Command, our Branches and Ladies Auxiliaries have supported Veterans' House since day one. The steps taken by Multifaith Housing Initiative to eradicate Veterans' homelessness in Ottawa is much needed and a great step forward. The Legion will be providing full support for our Veterans, including a full dental program paid by the Legion." – Garry Pond, President, Royal Canadian Legion Ontario Provincial Command "Being a major donor for the Veterans' House project and joining the veteran's support group are just two of the many ways we are giving back to those who have served our country and their families. We have been eager supporters of the Multifaith Housing Initiative community and share their passion to make a difference in meaningful ways. We are doing everything we can to help protect and stabilize veterans who are homeless or at risk of homelessness with safe, affordable housing, supportive services, and the dignity and respect they deserve." – Capt. (N) Paul Guindon (Ret'd), CEO, Commissionaires Ottawa Quick Facts In addition to the $1.5 million announced today, the Government of Canada previously announced $6.5 million in funding for Veterans' House from the National Housing Co-Investment Fund (NHCF), a program of the National Housing Strategy (NHS). The City of Ottawa has also contributed $760,000 towards Veterans' House. The Canada-Ontario Community Housing Initiative (COCHI) provides funding to repair, regenerate and expand community housing so tenants can live in a home that is affordable. It can also be used to support community housing providers whose original program arrangements are expiring and help them to become more sustainable. COCHI is a program under the CMHC-Ontario Bilateral Agreement. This 10-year agreement provides more than $5.75 billion to protect, renew and expand community housing, support Ontario's priorities related to housing repair, construction and affordability, and deliver direct affordability support to Ontarians who need housing. The Government of Canada is currently rolling out its National Housing Strategy, an ambitious 10-year, $70+ billion plan that will create 160,000 new housing units and lift 530,000 families out of housing need, as well as repair and renew more than 300,000 housing units. Ontario is investing $765 million through the Social Services Relief Fund to help service managers and Indigenous program administrators protect the health of shelter staff and residents by providing PPE and measures to ensure physical distancing, create longer-term housing solutions and help vulnerable Ontarians affected by COVID-19, including those who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. The City of Ottawa is receiving over $64.7 million through this fund. Ontario is investing approximately $1.75 billion in 2020-21 as part of its Community Housing Renewal Strategy and response to COVID-19, to help sustain, repair and grow community housing and help end homelessness. This includes the Social Services Relief Fund.Associated Links As Canada's authority on housing, CMHC contributes to the stability of the housing market and financial system, provides support for Canadians in housing need, and offers unbiased housing research and advice to all levels of Canadian government, consumers and the housing industry. For more information, visit our website or follow us on Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook. Ontario is committed to increasing housing supply across the province, while getting the best value for taxpayers. Cutting red tape will bring housing to market faster – leading to lower housing costs and helping people keep more of their hard-earned dollars. For more information on affordable housing in Ontario, visit or follow us on Twitter. To find out more about the National Housing Strategy, visit  SOURCE Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation