Live Stocks Chart

Live stocks chart provides day traders and investors current stock market quotes as they occur in real-time. Knowing the real-time value of a stock will help investors forecast better before trading stocks.

Stock Market Performance

The stock market performance is an overall view of the state of all market segments in the stock exchange. This is where traders and investors alike can observe and identify which stocks are gaining and which are losing value. It evaluates sector performance, market movers and shakers, market transformations and a general layout of the stock market as a whole.

Technical Analysis - Trending Stocks Technical Indicators

Technical analysis is the prediction of future financial price changes usually based on observation and measurement of previous price movements. Stock market traders employ this tool to anticipate and plan with what the outcome might turn out to be. The performance of the market can be forecasted using a variety of charts used in technical analysis. These charts indicate price movements over time and weigh the relative strength index, moving averages, regressions, stock market cycles or through basic observation of patterns in market behavior.

Fundamental Analysis - Key Indicators

Fundamental analysis is a tool used to evaluate the financial statements of a company’s stock and equity. It evaluates the future growth, income, return on equity, profit margins and investments of a company to identify its likelihood to grow in future. It can easily be said that investing is highly based on fundamental analysis because the health and potential for growth can only be determined through it.

Stock Market Movers

The most actively traded stocks in the stock market are usually the movers. The movers usually determine the flow of trade and identifying the gainers and the losers which is important in making investment decisions. It can be observed daily, weekly, monthly, in three months, 6 months or even a year.

Hot Stock News

The stock market movers and shakers usually make up the hot stock news. This where investors will get informed about stocks gaining in strength and this influences trading decisions. Some stocks can become hot for only a short period of time which means making a long-term decision could be dangerous. It is advisable to trade on stocks that have maintained their increase steadily over a certain period of time.

Latest Stock Market News, Analysis & Opinion

Check the latest stocks news, analysis and opinions from day traders and investment experts.

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