Watchlist - World Indices

When you need to keep in touch with the news from the world markets, watchlist is the best tool you can use. Making informed decisions becomes easier and you can manage and monitor your investments better. The World Indices watchlist would help an investor to identify the movers and shakers in the global market.

Movers and Shakers - See How World Economies Are Doing

Staying up to date in today’s global market has become a necessity. Knowing the key players in the game is a major world index for gaining an insight into the performance of particular class of investments. Every investor looks out for the movers and shakers in any given market so as to form better indices analysis, opinions and predictions.

Major World Indices Performance

This refers to an assessment of how a portfolio or investment performed over a period of time in response to different market conditions. Each market has its peculiarities, and portfolios will perform in relation to these adjustments.

Technical Analysis - Indices Technical Indicators

An analysis that uses market indicators and indices based on changes in price and volume like moving averages, relative strength index, market correlations, business and stock market cycles. It is a very critical investment and trading tool needed to effectively analyze performance in the world markets.

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