Forex Market Sentiment

*The "Forex Sentiment" is based on transactions flow information. The table is designed to show ratio of Long and Short positions for different financial tools. The Speculative Sentiment Index is updated every 30 minutes.
FREMONT, Calif., Feb. 22, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- NEXTracker, Inc., a Flex company, the global leader in solar tracker technology, today announced that it achieved the number one global market share for the third consecutive year among photovoltaic ("PV") solar tracker manufacturers in 2017. According to GTM Research's upcoming Global PV Tracker Landscape Report 2018, NEXTracker captured 33 percent of the global PV tracker market by megawatts (MWdc) shipped in 2017, growing steadily from 24 percent in 2015 and 31 percent in 2016.
Finance Attitude -Technical Analysis USDCAD (2018-02-21)
From the Daily pattern, USDCAD price has created an inverse Head and Shoulder pattern. The price has also retested the neckline. If the price gets a bullish sign from there, we can hope that the price will go up. The H4 time frame also shows that the price is now going up. It has already broken a resistance. Hopefully, this pair will continue going up.  
Finance Attitude - Technical Analysis USDCHF (2018-02-21)
In the H4 pattern, USDCHF price is on the downtrend. We can notice that now the price is on a strong resistance level. Previously the price got the rejection from this level and went down. It has created a small range in the H4 chart. If the price goes for retrenchment and creates a bearish candle there, hopefully, the price will go down. If we look at the Weekly chart of USDCHF, we will see that it has already done with its retrenchment there. If it gets a bearish sign, the price might go down.  
Finance Attitude - Technical Analysis AUDJPY (2018-02-21)
AUDJPY price is now following the downtrend. From the Daily time frame, we can see that the price is currently on a strong support level. Previously the pair got a rejection from this level and went up. Recently it got another rejection. Hopefully, the price will again go up. Besides, in the H4 chart, there is also the price is on the support level. The pair has created an inverse Head and Shoulder pattern. Already the pair is done with the retest. Now we can hope that the price will go up from there.