Forex Cross Rates

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Finance Attitude - 5 Main Characteristics of the Currency Futures Markets
Currency future is also known as forex futures or foreign exchange futures and is essentially a futures contract to buy or sell a specified amount of a particular currency at a set price and date in the future. Majority of the most popular futures markets are based upon currencies and are offered by the CME (Chicago Mercantile Exchange).  
Finance Attitude - Technical Analysis EURUSD (2018-03-30)
EURUSD price is now following the uptrend (from the Weekly chart). The price is moving up for a long time. It has broken very strong support become resistance level in the long time frame. Now the pair is on retrenchment. If it gets a bullish sign in the retrenchment area, it might go up to the resistance level we have marked. Besides, the Daily chart shows that the price had created a double top and went down. Now it is again going up. Hopefully, the pair will go up to the next resistance level.  
Finance Attitude - Technical Analysis AUDNZD (2018-03-30)
In the Weekly chart of AUDNZD, there is an upward trendline. The price is now going down, but the trendline shows that this pair is slowly going up for a long time. At present, the price is near to the trend support. Previously it went up from that support after getting the bullish sign (we have marked those signs). If the price gets a bullish sign again from this area, we can hope that it will go up to the resistance we have marked.