Forex Cross Rates For Major Currency Pairs

Foreign exchange cross rates involve the currency exchange rate between two different currencies that are not the official currencies bearing the exchange rate quote. Usually, traders use the term when the currency exchange pair doesn’t include the USD. Examples forex cross rates include EUR/GBP, CHF/AUD, JPY/NZD.

Advanced Real-Time Chart With Live Forex Quotes

Live Forex Quotes are very important in foreign exchange trading. Only this tool can help a trader determine where currencies last traded in the interbank market. Quotes are given in real time which helps in making split-second trading decisions.

Foreign Exchange Rates For Major Currency Pairs

Currency exchange rates indicate the strength of one currency against another and vice versa. These rates are never stable and fluctuate according to the market forces. Currencies such as the USD, EUR, GBP and CHF usually have a higher exchange rate in comparison to other currencies. Knowing the current currency exchange rate is pivotal for trading success.

Real-Time Forex Market Performance

Forex market performance in real-time, live quotes for major currency pairs. The forex market can be very volatile and unpredictable but from studying past trends, an investor can be able to make educated forecasts on a future performance. It always better to move cautiously however, as one misguided decision could make or mar your trade.

Technical Analysis - Forex Technical Indicators

This type of analysis involves applying trading principles which are determined by volume and price changes. It employs the application of moving averages, intra-market correlations between certain currency pairs, market cycles, relative strength index etc. In technical analysis, a forecast is made on future price movement based on observing and studying past price fluctuations.

Forex Market Sentiment

Forex market sentiment basically tells you what the market is feeling at any point in time during trading hours. There are indicators which gauge the percentage of trades that have taken a certain position in a currency pair. Market sentiments guide traders in identifying market directions before placing trades.

Forex Pivot Points

Forex pivot points help traders determine levels when the feeling in the market could become either bearish or bullish as the case maybe. As the name implies, a forex pivot is a point which determines the next trend in the forex market. It helps in identifying market sentiments.

Forex Historical Sentiment

Forex historical sentiment determines the progression of the market trend over a period of time. It shows how long and short positions change over time. Traders can employ the use of this to gauge what the market performance might be in a certain period of time.

Forex Heat Map

Forex Heat Map page shows a quick overview of currency market price trends in real-time.

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Real-Time Forex Chart For Major Currency Pairs