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ETFs also known as Exchange-traded funds allows new investors to make investments without any prior research or planning. Clearly, not all investors have the luxury of time, interest and finance to develop a resounding portfolio for investment. If you are a new investor ETFs can facilitate your gaining a commendable investment portfolio in no time at all. The best ETF to choose could be a simple, low-priced S&P 500. The S&P 500 is made up of the biggest publicly traded American firms which bring in returns of almost 10% including dividends and always outperform 80% of well managed huge capital funds.

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Exchange traded funds or ETFs belong to a class of mutual funds traded on the stock exchange but they are usually the best bet for new investors in the exchange market. Having gained a recognition and acceptance as a tradable instrument, there are a number of ETFs available like Equity, Gold, International Indices and Debt ETFs. Live quotes are also available for ETFs just like any other financial instrument.

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Most ETF trades involves no trading commissions and investors who make steady contributions of small amounts of funds might not find this favorable. As a rule, what matters is the knowledge and trading decisions of the investor. ETF performance is usually matched against Mutual Funds on the stock exchange to determine which will perform better, but clearly ETFs still remain the better option comparatively.

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This type of analysis involves the forecasting of financial price changes in future based on observation of price movements. Traders in the exchange use this tool to plan ahead of time in expectation of future price changes. The performance in the ETF market can be predicted using a wide variety of charts. These charts indicate price movements over time and measure the relative strength index, moving averages, regressions, ETF market cycles, or intra-market and inter-market fluctuations.

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