Real-Time Major Commodity Indices

Commodity indices are usually traded on stock exchanges and this allows investors to access commodities easily even without joining a futures market. A commodity index is used to track a group of commodities to evaluate and weigh their performance in the stock market. They are specifically created as financial pivots to provide exposure to tangible commodities through futures contracts.

Commodity Futures Prices

An agreement made to buy or sell a certain amount of a commodity at an already-fixed price on a specific date in the future is called a commodities future. Traders employ a commodities future when they are avoiding price movements risks of a futures product. The products could be natural gas, gold, silver, wheat oil, food raw materials or any other tradable item.

Live Quotes - Commodity Futures Market

A live commodities chart is a daily and intra-day indicator chart which displays the market performance of several commodities during commodities market trading hours. Real-time movements for different commodity symbols allow day traders and investors to make the right decisions based on analysis of this data.

Commodities Market Performance

The commodities market performance can be ascertained by analyzing commodities quotes that are shown in that section in real-time. Commodities can be related to food, energy or raw materials and knowing their history is critical in making sound investments.

Commodities Technical Indicators

Technical analysis is the prediction of future financial price changes usually based on observation and measurement of previous price movements. Investors employ this tool to anticipate and plan with what the outcome might turn out to be. The performance of the market can be forecasted using a variety of charts used in technical analysis. These charts indicate price movements over time and weigh the relative strength index, moving averages, regressions or through basic observation of patterns in market behavior.

Commodities Market Trading News, Analysis & Opinions

Check the latest commodities market news, analysis and opinions from day traders and investment experts.