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Finance Attitude - Technical Analysis USDJPY (2018-02-19)
USDJPY price is now following the downtrend. Recently we have seen that the pair has broken very strong support and went down. The price has not completed the retrenchment or retest yet. The pair may go to the previous support for retrenchment (We have marked two retrenchment area on the picture). If the price gets the bearish confirmation from this area, hopefully, it will go more down.  
Finance Attitude - Technical Analysis GBPUSD (2018-02-19)
From the Daily chart of GBPUSD, we can see that this pair is going up and maintaining an uptrend for a long time. This pair has created a range and following an upward channel. At present, the price is on the upside of the channel, and we can notice strong support in this area which can work as a resistance here. As the price is now on the upside channel, and got a barrier there, hopefully, it will go a little down.  
Finance Attitude - Technical Analysis NZDUSD (2018-02-19)
In the Daily timeframe of NZDUSD, we can see that the pair has created a Head and Shoulder pattern and the nick line is in the resistance area. The price now may go for retrenchment, or if it breaks the nick line after retrenchment and gets a bullish candlestick confirmation, we can hope it will again go up. From the Weekly pattern, here is also the is on the resistance area which is very strong. The price may go down from here or may break the resistance.  
Finance Attitude - Technical Analysis EURUSD (2018-02-16)
EURUSD pair in the Upward trend. Recently the price was in the resistance and went down (H4 chart). The resistance seems to be very strong. The price might go down to the support level. Also, in the Daily pattern, the price is on the resistance as well. Previously the pair got a rejection from this area and went down. This time also it got a rejection and started to go down. Now we can hope that the price will go down near to next support level.