KAHNAWAKE, QC, June14, 2021 /CNW Telbec/ - The Mohawk Council of Kahnawà:ke ("MCK") is pleased to announce that it has reached a Memorandum of Understanding ("MOU") with Hydro-Québec to partner on the Hertel-New York Interconnection Project to transmit green renewable energy to New York City i
LONDON, June 14, 2021 /CNW/ -- The Citizens Energy Congress, will take place virtually on Tuesday 15th and Wednesday 16th June 2021. A unique energy industry event, it is committed to resetting the energy agenda, post COVID-19, to drive the transition to a low carbon energy system that balances af
Ontario Nature's Conservation Award Recipients Announced ONTARIO, June 12, 2021 /CNW/ - Ontario Nature celebrated 90 years of protecting wild species and spaces at its annual gathering and conservation awards ceremony on June 12, 2021. This year, Ontario Nature recognized the exceptional contrib
/R E P E A T -- McEwan Group Launches Partnership with Farmia Agritech/
McEwan's partnership with Farmia brings store-grown produce to its retail stores. TORONTO, June 9, 2021 /CNW/ - McEwan Group is partnering with Farmia Agritech, a Toronto-based hydroponic vertical farm to introduce in-store farming systems within the McEwan retail stores. Farmia's technology allows for high-yield growth in facilities and in stores which creates a direct tower-to-basket shopping experience for customers. "Very excited for the arrival of our vertical garden from Farmia! Incredibly efficient way to grow, better than organic, and zero pesticides, very important in today's world," says Mark McEwan, President of McEwan Group. "Partnering with Farmia, a Canadian-based company, allows us to stand at the forefront of agricultural innovation all while providing fresh produce to our customers." Farmia represents the future of farming by providing 30x higher yield, 99% less water demand and better-quality food without pesticides. Hydroponic Growing in McEwan is a fully automated system which applies the most advanced agricultural technologies from crop and seed tracking to environment optimization. McEwan Customers Customers will benefit from this partnership as early as summer 2021. Farmia produce will be harvested in-store by our farmers and are available for purchase from the Farmia shelves giving new meaning to "farm-to-basket" fresh. The launch date is set for this Monday, June 14th 2021, with the first system being implemented in the McEwan Flagship store at the Shops at Don Mills. About McEwan McEwan Group is a chef-led full-service restaurant, catering, gourmet grocery, and events company serving the finest-quality ingredients coupled with commitment to service excellence. McEwan fine foods is a reflection of Chef Mark McEwan's distinctive style of cooking. McEwan's brings the freshest produce, world's best culinary finds and Mark's signature prepared meals straight to your table. At McEwan's, fine dining comes home. About Farmia Farmia is an agricultural technology company based out of Toronto. Farmia has developed proprietary technologies to produce high yield crops that are better than organic, non-GMO, no pesticides, 99% less water, and more nutritious. Farmia is expanding its operations to multiple facilities across Ontario with 100,000 square ft. planned expansion in 2022. SOURCE Farmia Inc.
Finance Attitude - 5 common types of financial swaps
A swap is an act of exchanging one thing for another. In finance, swaps are derivatives wherein two counterparties exchange financial instruments. The swaps can involve an exchange of a series of cash flows of one party’s financial instrument for those of the other party’s financial instrument over a specific period of time. Swaps are mutual agreements that are easy to design and customize over the counter. They offer great flexibility that leads to many swap variations with each serving a given purpose.  
Finance Attitude - 6 Key Factors to Consider Before Making a Private Equity Investment
Private equity refers to investments funds structured as limited partnerships that are not listed on a public exchange and its investors include large institutional investors, wealthy individuals, and university endowments.  
Finance Attitude - Top 4 Best Commodities to Invest in 2018
Commodity trading involves trading in commodity derivatives and spots. Commodity trading is very volatile and so investors should take relevant precautions before they enter into it. Commodity trading can help an investor to diversify their portfolio. It is an ideal investment that can significantly hedge you against the risk of inflation. Commodities traded mostly include agricultural products, minerals, and fossils.  
Finance Attitude - 5 Key Benefits of a Robo-Adviser
5 Key Benefits of a Robo-Adviser
Robo-adviser is an automated online wealth management service or a class of digital online financial institutions that offer financial advice or investment management tips online with minimal human intervention. The algorithms are executed by software to allocate, manage and optimize clients’ assets. Being online, however, does not make it less effective and ideal financial institution as it has almost all the aspects of the physical human involvement. The software allocates your investments in many investment products such as the stocks, bonds, real estate, commodities, and futures but directed towards an ETF portfolio. The main aim of the Robo-adviser is to provide portfolio management services or rather allocation of investments among asset classes. The investments are based on your risk tolerance and target return. These firms offer lower-cost investment management and financial advice which can include tax-optimization, retirement planning, insurance and more. They advise clients online and at a distance, without the need for a physical location and inconvenient face-to-face meetings. Investing with a Robo-adviser doesn’t mean sacrificing quality, service or trust, it means getting more convenience and faster services and, most significantly, lower costs. Robo-adviser is a technology that is bringing a digital revolution to the financial planning and investing sector. Here are 5 key benefits of using a Robo-adviser: 1.    Lower Fees Online advisers cost is relatively lower compared to the traditional financial advisers. If you invest through a bank, you probably pay for advice through a commission embedded in the management fees or on your investments. Online firms, on the other hand, charge lower fees because they’re much more investments oriented only and the technology used is automatic and self-guided and thus frees up advisers to fully focus on the client service. This also reduces overhead costs for things such as office space and other office-related expenses. The Online adviser offers a greater fee transparency with no hidden costs. 2.    More Convenient With Robo-advisers, clients receive the advisory services from anywhere across the globe. This saves them time, and other resources and is thus more convenient compared to the traditional financial advisory services. 3.    Low Minimums Robo-advisers’ investment advice is accessible to everyone, regardless of their income or net worth. Online advisers do not categorize clients based on their level of income and will provide advice and investment strategies that are appropriate to the stage you are at. 4.    Better Service The online model fits the modern investor and offers the services to a broader audience compared to the traditional financial services. The advice can be given via Skype, email, or even a phone call and investors get the service they want on their own terms. You don’t have to schedule a meeting with your financial adviser as the advice is provided to you from wherever you are. This digital online experience means that you can be updated on how your investments are performing, get financial planning and analysis tips, and work with your adviser in real time and from any place across the globe. 5.    Robo-adviser is as Safe as a Bank Your accounts with Robo-adviser accounts have the same protections and are provided with similar account protection funds as any other registered bank or financial institution. You don’t have to worry about your investments loss in case of any unexpected occurrences. Key Takeaway Robo-advisers are modernizing investment advice and making it more affordable, more accessible, and more convenient for everyone and are thus something to consider.