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NEW YORK, Nov. 7, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- As an emerging and already key player in the fast-growing cryptocurrency market, Atomic Capital is a leading fund that specializes in the high-tech investment and blockchain industries. With a sophisticated strategic portfolio that includes Ripple, EOS and FormulA, Atomic Capital provides digital financial services based on blockchain technologies, and it is now ready to  creatively introduce its world-first "co-market-making fund" the Atomic Union Fund (AUF) to the entire industry.

Cryptocurrencies were conceived with the aim of bypassing banks and central regulatory bodies; however, it is the technology that underpins cryptocurrencies, the blockchain, that has become an increasing area of fascination for investors the world over. It is estimated that the value of the financial services industry will reach almost $12 billion in 2018, which is double last year's figure.

The stated aim of AUF is to improve the market with the most efficient trading strategies to capitalize on opportunities through computer programs that operate at lightning-fast speeds. The trading strategy market provides an excellent opportunity for merchants to profit and benefit from giving liquidity to different dealers. In addition, AUF can reduce both the noise in transactions and systemic risks in the financial system while  improving overall profitability.

"We have been running AUF since the beginning of May," said Kenzo Tominaga, CEO of Atomic Fund and our mission is to financially empower people by leveraging this technology. He continued: "Technology is behind every aspect of our business and our platform is built to give transparency and compliance to our Investors Network. We develop relevant trading strategies and AUF is built with the definite aim of helping to improve the market."

In addition, AUF is complimented by the outstanding blockchain programs that are also the crown jewels in AUF's portfolio, and many in the industry are rapidly recognizing the potential. "People choose AUF because it offers an excellent vision for the future of the industry. Our customer will also be impressed with its efficiency and cybersecurity," said by Mike Paxton, the President of AUF. It is clear that AUF will help to define the future of both cryptocurrencies and the blockchain and that future looks to be a bright one.

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