TORONTO, June 26, 2019 /CNW/ - Talisker Resources Ltd. ("Talisker" or the "Company") (CSE:TSK | OTCQB:TSKFF) is pleased to announce that the Company's shares have been approved to trade on the OTCQB Market, under the symbol TSKFF. The Company's shares will continue to trade on the Canadian Securities Exchange under the symbol TSK.
LONDON and RIYADH, Saudi Arabia, June 26, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- The Saudi Stock Exchange (Tadawul) today announced the inclusion of Saudi Stock Exchange in the FTSE EPRA\ Nareit Emerging Index (EPRA: European Public Real-estate Association). The index is specialized in REITs and real-estate companies, similar to other global indices, a group of securities have been chosen to be reviewed and added periodically and announced on the index official website.
SPRING, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Bill Way, President & Chief Executive Officer of Southwestern Energy, (SWN) received the Entrepreneur Of The Year® 2019 Award in the Energy categor
Survey Reveals Confidence in the US Dollar and Stock Market is High, While Confidence in Commodities and Cryptocurrencies at the Lowest
NEW YORK, June 26, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- A new survey of 2000 Americans between the ages of 18 and 65+ examines the asset classes which investors had the most confidence in yielded some interesting results. In fact, the survey revealed that respondents are most confident in the US dollar and the stock market, and least confident about commodities and cryptocurrencies, despite both the prices of gold and bitcoin hitting record highs. At present, economic indicators are all pointing to a thriving US economy. US GDP has been strong, and both the US Dollar Index and US financial markets have both been on the rise. Moreover, these economic indicators are best reflected in which asset classes hold the most confidence for investors. Survey Breakdown The graph below reveals which asset classes investors have the most confidence in at the moment: According to the findings of the survey, when asked as an investor which asset class they were most confident in at the moment, 23.4% of the 2,000 respondents indicated the "US dollar". Yet interestingly, when demographic filters were applied, that percentage skyrocketed to 36.9% of respondents between the ages of 18 to 24. Younger investors in general, appeared to be most confident in the US dollar, with 27.9% between 18 and 44 years old selecting that response. Yet, for older investors, stocks were the asset class that provided the most confidence. When demographic filters were applied to the survey results, 24.4% of respondents 45 and over selected stocks, making it the most popular response. "These survey findings don't surprise me in the least. The US economy is booming – every economic indicator is pointing to that fact. Therefore, investor asset confidence will mirror a strong economy," stated Amine Rahal, CEO of Sophisticated Investor. Another interesting take-away from the survey results: 21.4% of respondents indicated that real estate was what they were most confident in as an asset class. However, when demographic filters were applied to the results, 22% of respondents between 55 and 64 years old selected this option – making real estate the most popular response for this demographic. As an asset class, 20% of those surveyed indicated stocks made them most confident. Yet, with regards to demographics, nearly a third of seniors 65+, 29.2% selected this asset class, making it the number one choice. The fourth most popular response, coming in at 14.6%, was fixed income. It would appear that investors hailing from all representative demographics were drawn to the lower, but steady gains provided by fixed income investments. Another smaller group, 8.7%, selected "other alternative assets". Examples of this investment category include venture capital, hedge funds, wine, and art. Perhaps the most intriguing results that can be gleaned from the survey findings are the last two responses. Commodities and cryptocurrencies ranked rock bottom, coming in at 7.4% and 4.6%, respectively, despite both asset classes performing well recently. These percentages seemed to be indicative of the overall confidence that investors have in the US economy. Commodities such as gold are traditionally the investment of choice during an economic downturn. Cryptocurrencies are a relatively nascent and highly volatile asset class compared to the other options, therefore investors would less inclined to invest in something they weren't as familiar with when the US economy was flourishing. Factoring in all economic indicators, the US economy is booming. Everything from the GDP, to the latest employment data and wage growth are all pointing to a healthy economy. The US economy is doing well and the economic indicators are demonstrative of that fact. As a result, the most popular asset classes of choice, are indicative of investors being extremely confident in the current trajectory of the US economy. Learn more about the survey and get a more detailed breakdown of the results at: Media contact:Mark 212-343-8890 View original content to download multimedia: SOURCE Sophisticated Investor

CHERRY HILL, N.J., June 26, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Accounts Payable (AP) leaders must leverage technology and the data it captures in order to transform themselves into intelligent operations, according to Ardent Partners' new whitepaper 'The State of ePayables 2019: Driving Value in the Age of Intelligence.' The report, sponsored by Corcentric, a leading provider of procurement and financial process automation solutions, presents an industry-wide view into what is happening in the world of accounts payable today by drawing on the experience, performance, and perspective of AP and finance executives.
WOODLAND HILLS, Calif., June 26, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- The ideal summer may be full of blue skies, sunny days and family vacations, but as the Farmers Insurance(®) Seasonal Smarts Digests remind us, summer can also bring plenty of stormy weather with homeowners and drivers across the country facing the potential for seasonal hurricanes, flooding and tornadoes.
ATLANTA, June 26, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Cox Enterprises, Inc. today announced that it has reached an agreement to sell Cox Media Group's Radio station portfolio as well as its CoxReps and Gamut national advertising businesses to a new broadcasting company that is substantially owned by private equity funds managed by affiliates of Apollo Global Management, LLC. The transaction will expand the new company, which announced in February its purchase of Cox Media Group's broadcast television group and the company's Radio, Newspaper and Television properties in Ohio.
AFP Opens Office in Singapore to Better Serve Treasury and Finance Professionals
Himashi Soriano, Regional Director, APAC, Will Lead the Association for Financial Professionals' Asia-Pacific Location SINGAPORE, June 27, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- The Association for Financial Professionals officially launched its expansion into Asia today by opening a regional office in Singapore. A presence in Singapore will increase AFP's ability to educate and train treasury and finance professionals and help them achieve their career goals across the APAC region. Himashi Soriano, Regional Director, APAC, will head up AFP's Singapore office. AFP is located at WeWork Beach Centre, 15 Beach Road #02-01, Singapore 189677. Click here for more information about AFP's education and training opportunities for treasury and finance professionals. Reach Himashi Soriano at "The treasury and finance profession is rapidly transforming, and nowhere more so than in Asia," said Soriano. "Whether treasury and finance professionals are interested in transitioning from accounting to financial planning and analysis, improving their regional treasury centre, or learning new forecasting techniques, AFP has a training solution that meets their needs. Opening an office in Singapore will help us better serve the profession in this region." Soriano holds an MBA from Johns Hopkins University and has worked at AFP for more than 14 years in a variety of roles. As AFP's Regional Director, APAC, Soriano will oversee operations, build customer relationships and develop partnerships within the region. Soriano also will hire and lead a team of sales, services and support staff. "Asia is experiencing a paradigm shift in treasury and finance, and AFP is going to be a part of that evolution," said Jim Kaitz, president and chief executive officer of AFP. "As organizations seek to upskill their finance departments, they can look to AFP's dual certifications to help them achieve that goal. And our new office in Singapore will give APAC financial professionals the opportunity to see firsthand how AFP can help them on their road to success." About AFP® Headquartered outside of Washington, D.C. and located regionally in Singapore, the Association for Financial Professionals (AFP) is the professional society committed to advancing the success of treasury and finance members and their organisations. AFP established and administers the Certified Treasury Professional and Certified Corporate FP&A Professional credentials, which set standards of excellence in treasury and finance. Each year, AFP hosts the largest networking conference worldwide for more than 7,000 corporate financial professionals. SOURCE Association for Financial Professionals
NEW ORLEANS--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- The United States is facing a significant absence of diversity in medicine, and the disproportionately low numbers of African-American doctors is cau
MILWAUKEE, June 26, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- HSA Bank, a division of Webster Bank, N.A., released a breakout report from the 2019 Health and Wealth Index(SM), addressing the generational differences in health and wealth engagement. According to the report, millennials are the most uncertain about healthcare basics and least likely to know what type of health plan they have when compared to Generation X and baby boomer respondents.
BOISE, Idaho, June 26, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- AVANA BIDCO Inc., announced that it has received a license from the Idaho Department of Finance enabling the company to help Idaho small businesses by offering loan and advisory services.
Men Advised to Step Up for a Checkup
June 26, 2019 19:56 UTC Despite Social and Economic Advantages, Men Live Shorter Lives than Women PHILADELPHIA--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Men need to step up. Traditionally, they neglect their health and it comes at a cost: a shorter lifespan.1 Key social factors2 play a role, including perceptions around masculinity and seeking help, but it is important for men to regularly visit a doctor’s office as appropriate. This press release features multimedia. View the full release here: Infographic courtesy of AmeriHealth Caritas. “In my 30 years of practice in family medicine and emergency medicine, I saw that men often took better care of their cars than their own bodies. And that often led to trouble,” says Gaspere Geraci, MD, market chief medical officer at AmeriHealth Caritas, a national leader in Medicaid managed care and other health care solutions for those most in need. “Often it’s the spouses, significant others, and loved ones who ultimately persuade men to see a health care professional but men need to take responsibility for their own health.” Preventive care is key to avoiding health problems down the road: Despite men having social and economic advantages over women, men live shorter lives.1 According to the NIH, men are smoking and drinking alcohol more than women, making poor lifestyle choices and putting off regular checkups and medical care.3 Colon cancer and heart disease could be prevented and treated if men were properly screened.3 Men are more likely to develop high blood pressure before the age of 554 and face health conditions like prostate cancer.3 Lack of sleep and exercise, tobacco use, poor diet, stress and ignoring warning signs may lead to a host of additional health issues including diabetes, high blood pressure, depression, and even accidents.5 Men’s health is an even greater concern in the African-American community due to racial disparities, according to the American Journal of Preventive Medicine.2 African-American men have a higher prevalence of obesity and hypertension.2 Black men with cardiovascular disease die prematurely almost twice as often as white men.2 Their incidence of stroke is 80 percent higher than for white men, and they get cancer more than white men.2 Geraci says that health care inequities and costs take a high toll on black men’s health. “If black men are unable to afford or eat healthier foods, have higher stress levels, use tobacco, and are sedentary, their health is going to suffer more than white men.” According to the National Institutes of Health,6 men ages 40-64 should undertake the following health screenings to help avoid problems in the future: Blood pressure screening at least once per year. Men with diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, kidney problems, and other conditions may need more frequent screenings. Colorectal cancer screening. Those older than age 50 should be screened for colorectal cancer. Those younger than age 50 should check with their health care provider to see if a screening is necessary. A physical exam. This would include a blood pressure check plus a height, weight, and body mass index measurement. Prostate cancer screening. Most men ages 50 and over should discuss screening for prostate cancer with their provider but African American men and those with a family history should discuss whether a screening should be done at age 45. Men should be screened for cholesterol, diabetes, and heart disease. Consult with a physician regarding the frequency of these screenings. Testicular exams. While the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force recommends against performing testicular self-exams due to their efficacy, consult with a physician to be sure. About AmeriHealth Caritas Family of Companies AmeriHealth Caritas is one of the nation’s leaders in health care solutions for those most in need. Operating in 11 states and the District of Columbia, AmeriHealth Caritas serves more than 5 million Medicaid, Medicare and Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) members through its integrated managed care products, pharmaceutical benefit management and specialty pharmacy services, and behavioral health services. Headquartered in Philadelphia, AmeriHealth Caritas is a mission-driven organization with more than 35 years of experience serving low-income and chronically ill populations. AmeriHealth Caritas is part of the Independence Health Group in partnership with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan. For more information, visit 1National Center for Biotechnology Information.“Social Determinants of Men’s Health Disparities.” Accessed May 7, 2019. 2American Journal of Preventive Medicine. “African American Men’s Health: Research, Practice and Policy.” Accessed May 7, 2019. 3NIH. “Men’s Health.” Accessed May 9, 2019. 4NIH. “During Men’s Health Week, NHLBI scientists available to discuss research on men’s health.” Accessed March 22, 2019. 5Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. “Celebrate National Men’s Health Week, June 12-18, 2017.” Accessed May 10, 2019. 6Medline Plus, National Library of Medicine (US). “Health screenings for men ages 40-64.” Accessed June 14, 2019. View source version on Contacts Scott D. Bluebond Tel: 1-267-298-2410 Source: AmeriHealth Caritas Smart Multimedia Gallery Photo Infographic courtesy of AmeriHealth Caritas. Logo View this news release and multimedia online at:
Finance Attitude - 5 Ideal Reasons for Investing in Utility Stocks
Utility stocks are stocks of companies that deliver essential services such as water, gas, and electricity among others. Utility stock is an ideal conservative option for investors looking for steady higher dividends. You can invest in utility stocks companies through a brokerage firm by buying individual utility stocks, mutual funds that are specialized in the utilities sector or as ETFs that include the select sector SPDR-utilities.
Finance Attitude - 8 Best Stock Investment Apps for Beginners
Investing is a daunting task and sometimes could be confusing especially for a beginner. In the past, an investment process began by making a call to a brokerage firm to obtain an advisor who would advise the investor throughout the process. However, the technological advancement has made it easier for beginners who want to start trading. Now, they can just download an app on their PC or Smartphone and use it to trade securities. Different apps offer automation, low cost and high-security measures to make investing easy and exciting for all.  
Finance Attitude - 5 common types of financial swaps
A swap is an act of exchanging one thing for another. In finance, swaps are derivatives wherein two counterparties exchange financial instruments. The swaps can involve an exchange of a series of cash flows of one party’s financial instrument for those of the other party’s financial instrument over a specific period of time. Swaps are mutual agreements that are easy to design and customize over the counter. They offer great flexibility that leads to many swap variations with each serving a given purpose.  
Finance Attitude - Top 5 Forex Risks Traders Should Consider Before they Invest
Top 5 Forex Risks Traders Should Consider Before they Invest
Forex exchange market is a global decentralized or over the counter market that facilitates the trading of currencies. Just like in a stock exchange, the traders’ goal is to make a profit by buying low and selling high. Forex markets are highly liquid assets due to the high trading volumes. Some of the most common forex exchange trades include spot transactions, currency swaps, and options, forwards, and foreign exchange swaps. Forex trades face plenty of risks that can result in substantial losses. Here are the top 5 forex risks that every trader should consider before they dive into forex trading: 1.    Leverage Risks In forex trading, traders require a small initial investment called a margin which is used as leverage in forex trading to gain access to substantial trades. Price volatility can result in margin calls where the investor is required to commit an additional margin. In highly volatile market conditions, aggressive use of leverage by traders can result in massive losses over initial investments made. 2.    Interest Rate Risks Interest rate affects countries exchange rates.  If a country’s interest rates rise, the currency strengthens. Investors flood the country as they invest in the country’s assets. In essence, a stronger currency means better returns. On the other hand, if a country interest rates fall, the currency weakens as investors begin to withdraw their investments. Interest rate changes can thus have a dramatic effect on forex prices. 3.    Transaction Risks The difference or gap between when a contract is initiated and when it settles poses a transaction risk which is an exchange rate risk. Forex trading usually takes 24 hours, and exchange rates can drastically change any time before a trade settle. Currencies also trade at different prices at different times during the trading process. The greater the gap, the higher the transaction risk. The exchange risk that traders face during the trading hours increase the transaction costs. 4.    Counterparty Risk The company that provides the asset to an investor in a financial transaction is called the counterparty. There is a risk of default from the dealer or broker in any particular transaction which refers to the counterparty risk. Spot and forward contracts on currencies do not get a guarantee by an exchange or a clearing house and thus pose a counterparty risk to an investor. The counterparty risk can occur in spot currency trading in the event the market maker end up insolvency. The counterparty can refuse or can be unable to oblige to contracts in highly volatile market conditions. 5.    Country Risk An investor must assess the structure and the stability of the issuing country before they invest in currencies. In a majority of developing countries, the exchange rates are pegged to a particular world leader currency such as the US dollar. Central Banks in those countries must sustain sufficient reserves to help maintain good exchange rates. A balance of payments deficit can lead to devaluation of the currency and result in a currency crisis. It can consequently have massive effects on forex prices and trading. Investors can also begin to withdraw their assets if they suspect the currency is likely to decrease in value. It results in further devaluing of the currency. Currency crisis aggravates liquidity and credit risks as the currency devalues the assets become illiquid. The Bottom Line An investor should consider the various risks and losses associated with foreign exchange trading before they invest. While forex assets have the highest trading volume, the risks can lead to massive losses.
NEW YORK, June 26, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- TransPerfect, the world's largest provider of language and technology solutions for global business, and distributed ledger firm True Digital Dossier (TDD) today announced a partnership to integrate TDD's new blockchain technology with TransPerfect's virtual data room (VDR) tool, TransCEND, for the mortgage, art, energy, regulatory, and supply chain sectors.
LONDON and TORONTO, June 25, 2019 /CNW/ - Shivom Ventures Limited ("Shivom"), a biotechnology data and analysis company optimising the way DNA is shared, secured and analysed through blockchain and AI technology, and TruTrace Technologies Inc. (CSE: TTT; OTC: TTTSF) ("TruTrace" or the "Company"), which has developed the first integrated blockchain platform that registers and tracks intellectual property for the cannabis industry, announced that the two companies have signed a letter of intent ("LOI") to establish a strategic working relationship. The companies will explore a partnership to utilize both Shivom and TruTrace's blockchain solutions in order to disrupt the global medicinal and recreational cannabis markets. Welcomes Pinnacle Storage Properties as Project Sponsor
NEW YORK, June 26, 2019 /PRNewswire/ --, the blockchain-based commercial real estate (CRE) financing platform, today announced that Pinnacle Storage Properties LLC has become a project sponsor and early adopter of its technology. As a project sponsor, Pinnacle Storage Properties intends to list more than $100 million of self-storage projects on the platform over the course of 12 months commencing in late 2019. Based in Katy, Texas, Pinnacle Storage Properties is a privately held national acquirer, developer, owner and operator of self-storage facilities with a portfolio of 20 properties totaling more than 1 million square feet of rentable self-storage space.  "We're pleased to have secured the commitment of an experienced sponsor with a strong track record of success and increasing momentum," said Aaron Lohmann, CEO, "By becoming an early adopter of, Pinnacle Storage Properties will enjoy enhanced transactional certainty, speed, liquidity and transparency when financing projects in the future." "We recognize the potential of to become a major disruptive force by bringing liquidity to what is traditionally an illiquid asset class. Self-storage investors typically wait a long time to see a return, and sponsors have to deal with compliance challenges along the way," said John Manes, CEO, Pinnacle Storage Properties. "The ability to trade CRE security tokens like stocks or bonds will add flexibility and speed to an industry that has historically moved pretty slowly in terms of completing transactions." Designed to connect lenders and accredited investors directly with project sponsors, is building a platform that offers debt and equity investment opportunities to participants. generates a security token—a virtual contract—that represents a fractional ownership stake in a debt or equity instrument verified within the blockchain. Each token is programmed to automatically compute and distribute returns to investors' private crypto wallets. Once created, Earn Debt and Earn Equity tokens can be traded on the exchange, just as stocks and bonds are traded, in one of the CRE industry's first digital secondary markets for debt and equity securities. Through the exchange, will bring liquidity to CRE financing in compliance with regulatory requirements. The platform is built on the Ethereum public blockchain and provides users with a secure means of investing in U.S. CRE with full transparency and in compliance with U.S. securities and data privacy laws. It will offer debt and equity securities backed by nearly every property type, including retail, multi-family, self-storage, hospitality, industrial and government. Through security tokens, investment documents such as deeds, mortgages, notes, shareholder agreements and more are attached digitally to the blockchain. The platform is expected to launch in late 2019. About Pinnacle Storage PropertiesPinnacle Storage Properties is a privately held, national real estate owner-operator focused on the acquisition, development, and management of self-storage assets. Its investment strategy is to purchase under-managed, under-enhanced, and under-developed assets in suburban and secondary markets. The firm takes a grassroots, off-market approach in selecting the best deals that deliver stable cash flow and long-term appreciation opportunities. With nearly 25 years of combined self-storage experience, the firm's partners have established an industry-wide reputation for superior performance derived from core values: honesty, integrity, and respect. For more information, see About Earn.reWith headquarters in New York City, New York, provides commercial real estate financing enhanced with the power of the blockchain. The tokenization and exchange platform enables compliant access to the blockchain for the purpose of financing commercial real estate (CRE) projects providing users with enhanced transactional certainty, speed, liquidity and transparency. The platform enables qualified investors and project sponsors to create and trade fractional shares of equity and debt instruments backed by retail, office, multi-family, self-storage, hospitality, industrial, and government real estate assets. For more information, visit Media Contact: Raven Carpenter, AkreteTel: 847-868-0433Email: View original content to download multimedia: SOURCE